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DDoS Protection
Over 1.5Tbps DDoS attack scrubbing capacity
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אנא הזינו את התווים שאתם רואים בתמונה מטה לתוך תיבת הטקסט הרלוונטית. צעד זה נדרש כדי למנוע פתיחת פניות שלא לצורך.

DDoS Protection
- Full layer3 to layer7 mitigation such as syn flood ,ack flood ,udp flood ,cc floood and so on.
- Multiple scrubbing center deployed in all over the world like LA,LD,HK...
- Over 1.5Tbps Scrubbing capacity
- Automated attack detection&mitigation
- Real-time Botnet recognization and blocking based on AI
Web Application Firewall
- Powerful detection engine against the http/https attacks defined by OWSAP like SQL injection ,XSS injection ,Command injection and so on .
- Feature-rich protections like GEOIP ACL,Custom Regular expression,Rate limitation and so on .
- Flexible deployment via reverse proxy architecture.
Advanced Security Service
We have professional security team which has years of experience in security industry . We can provide system and website pentest in order to find out the potential or existed vulnerabilities in customer's environment and provide the best solutions.
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